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Replacing Guttering

Let's face it we are all guilty of not paying much attention to our property's gutters. The only time we tend to notice them is when it rains and they are leaking.

GutteringWater dripping down walls and green mold on walls is a tell tail sign that something is wrong with your gutters.

Fixing leaking gutters is a relatively simple job, however a damp wall caused by a leaking gutter can be expensive. In serious cases it can cause mould on interior walls, plaster needing replacing and more.

In many cases a leaking gutter can be fixed by simply clearing out the rubbish, leaves and moss etc.

If you have older guttering that is leaking such as cast iron it maybe that rust has taken it toll. If this is the case then it is worth replacing your gutters.

A competent DIYer can do this job themselves and it needn't be very expensive. Screwfix Direct, for example, offer a range of guttering at trade prices which can keep the costs to a minimum.

To reduce the amount of times you have to clear out your gutters it is worth investing in plastic grills that stop leaves colleting in your gutters. Again these are inexpensive and can be purchased online and delivered to your home.


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